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Legacy Garage Doors provides safe and accurate spring replacement services for our customers in San Antonio, TX and beyond. Our technicians can replace every part in the garage doors operation effectively. Of all the replacement services we provide, it is spring replacement that can be the most dangerous. We are committed to replacing or installing new springs with safety and quality in mind.

There are two types of springs generally utilized for garages in San Antonio, TX. The first is the torsion spring which is installed above and center of the garage door. The other is the extension springs which are mounted on both sides of the garage doors. These springs must be able to balance doors that weigh hundreds of pounds. In order to do this the springs must be wound very tight to provide the tension required.

If one of these springs were to snap back during replacement or installation the installer could be injured or even killed. For this reason, it is recommended that one of our Legacy Garage Doors technicians provides the service safely. Here are several good reasons why we should be chosen for spring replacement service:

• We Offer Price Matching
• 24/7 Emergency Service
• Quality Results
• Locally Owned and Operated
• Licensed and Bonded
• Rapid Service Response
• Competitive Pricing
• Easy Financing
• Free Estimates
• Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our experts are eager to provide all of garage door services quickly and efficiently.

Don’t allow an amateur to provide spring replacement service. It is not worth the risk. Allow one of our professionals to install the new spring with confidence. Reach out to Legacy Garage Doors for effective replacement of garage springs in San Antonio, TX.